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Simple Hacks for Your Business This Holiday Season

This time of year can feel extra hectic with seasonal deadlines, employee evaluations and over-scheduling both professionally and personally. Here are four tips that can help you make this the most wonderful time of the year. 1. Brain dump Spreadsheet – Overwhelm is one of the most common states of being this time of year as we attempt to remember...

Strategic Planning

Maximizing Your Business Planning Process

I have been exploring real estate properties in preparation of making a move and was surprised at the amount of obvious do-it-yourself, “DIY-work” I saw in a home I recently toured.  I am all for the idea of doing things yourself up to a point, but one homeowner’s attempt to save a few bucks and skimp on hiring professionals to...

Do Your Numbers Add Up to Business Growth?

It’s a no-brainer that running a business is a balancing act – balancing management, sales, operations, human resources and a life outside the office too. So how do you know if you are on the right track and that your business is actually growing? It’s in the numbers. Here are three key elements for measuring success for every business owner:...

Improve Business Relationships Through Intrinsic Validation

Growing a successful business boils down to relationships.  Without relationships, there would be no business. What would it be like with a team that communicates clearly and is engaged? What if you had referral partners who really “get” your business and make valuable introductions, or clients who are raving fans and continue to do business with you? Great leaders and...

Five steps to increase revenue, even if you hate sales

I have noticed a common theme among business owners and practice leaders: the desire for more clients and the aversion to "selling." This dichotomy presents a challenge for these leaders. This issue is especially prevalent among attorneys, CPAs, and engineering firms, though I have seen it in other industries too. These professionals are highly skilled and enjoy the technical work...

How will you make 2018 a year to remember?  Five essential steps to turn your New Year’s resolutions into business results

Here we are at the beginning of a new year with lots of advice and articles about how to make this the best year yet.  Rather than comparing years and adding the pressure to make it the best year ever – I recommend looking at what it will take to make 2018 a successful year that truly produces the results...

Business Growth

Business Growth – you’re not supposed to go it alone!

How many hats are you wearing? As business owners we tend to be the “wearer-of-all-hats” – the “doer-of-all-tasks” -- often feeling like an octopus without enough arms. Most of us went in to business for freedom, more control of our time and our lives, and to do what we love. Problems arise, though when we fail to realize that we...


What We Focus On Expands

I’ve come to believe through my studies and my life experiences the principle of “what we focus on expands.” For example, when we put on a multicolored dress or shirt, with blues, reds, purples, white, etc., and then add red jewelry or a red tie, the red in the fabric really seems to stand out more than the other colors...


Taking a chance is uncomfortable. Even if you think you’ve done all the research and you are confident about the destination, it takes guts to venture into the unknown. Just like with sailing… you know your boat, you have the skills to sail successfully and you’re prepared for a day out, but there’s always a chance of rain. But if...

Planning 2017


At The Growth Coach, we work with clients and companies to help them build stronger businesses and better lives throughout the year, but since January is a great time for resolutions, we thought it we’d come to you with a set of Growth Coach challenges to get 2017 off to a great start. Resolve to Stick to Your Resolutions When...

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My background in sales; marketing, public relations, and advocacy, spans small business, start-up, non-profit and franchises. I've led teams and coached individual business owners to maximize their productivity and regain their enthusiasm for their work and their lives.


“I’ve been working with Kim Ellet in the Strategic Business Owner group coaching program for just a few quarters now and have already seen a 28% increase in my business over prior year. I’ve signed on new clients with larger projects and am achieving my goal of putting together an effective team to support my business growth. Gaining clarity about my business, where I want to go and how to get there has made a really big impact for me so far. It’s exciting to see things happening that I set my sights on early in the process.” ~ Beth Davis Pitt, CPA

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