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“Working with Kim helped us peel back the layers. Her probing questions and insights helped us get to where we are now. It wasn’t always easy to look at the reality of where we are as a company but we now have a much greater clarity about where we are going than we’ve ever had in the history of the 9 years our company has been in existence. The accountability process was instrumental in helping us take responsibility for our growth and achieving our overall goals.” –

John Varner, President, Sovereign Risk Solutions


“I like the way Kim makes me think! Creativity, innovation and focus come forth from each meeting. The changes that have occurred in the business and myself since I began working with Kim have been remarkable.”

Susan Tillery, President/CEO, Paraklete Financial Inc.


“Working with Kim has really shifted my overall mindset and allowed me to focus on the “BIG” picture for my business.”

Erin Zwigart, President, Georgia Crafted


“Day one (of Strategic Mindset Coaching process) with Kim Ellet, The Growth Coach, helped me transition to a clearer focus as business owner and create more clarity.”

Lisa Michaels, President, Natural Rhythms

“Today was helpful because it went to the pain points and distractions that prevent me from focusing on goals.”

Catherine Cattles, BB&T



“I’ve been working with Kim Ellet in the Strategic Business Owner group coaching program for just a few quarters now and have already seen a 28% increase in my business over prior year.  I’ve signed on new clients with larger projects and am achieving my goal of putting together an effective team to support my business growth.  Gaining clarity about my business, where I want to go and how to get there has made a really big impact for me so far.  It’s exciting to see things happening that I set my sights on early in the process.”

Beth Davis Pitt, CPA


“It has been an extreme pleasure working with Kim Ellet at the Growth Coach. She is a professional that takes the time to listen and come up with creative solutions that provide accountability and a better sense of clarity for your everyday business and personal life. Sometimes just having someone there to help reacquaint with processes such as writing things down and journaling thoughts helped me to put thoughts into words and words into actions.   I would highly recommend Kim Ellet to anyone looking to take their next steps in business and personal achievements.”

Rusty Draper, Metro Commercial Furniture


“I’ve owned my own video production company for over 20 years and for the most part have been very successful.  Then the economy tanked and business slowed almost to a standstill.  Things had gotten so bad I thought about throwing in the towel and taking a retail job just to make the mortgage payment.  I hired Kim Ellet to coach me almost as a last resort.  Kim’s strengths as a coach are her ability to listen, to relate as someone who’s been there, and to help her clients move through their emotions and re-discover their “Why”.  Once I was able to clear out the mental clutter that had built up over the years, I could finally remember what I love so much about my business.  With my renewed sense of purpose and passion, business is booming again – and it’s fun again! I highly recommend coaching with Kim Ellet.”

David, Owner – Video Production Company


“My work thus far with Kim, especially the accountability of the homework, has pushed me – liberated me really – to walk my talk in ways I did not see that I was falling short. The result is a much welcomed sense of focus and momentum. Also, it’s more fun! In other words, she is helping me build my business upon the fertile foundation of my passion and spirituality.  I appreciate the difference and impact I can see from coaching with Kim Ellet.”

Brian Perry, Founder of Hindsight Life, Singer/Songwriter and Author, Choose


“Hiring Kim Ellet, Growth Coach was a gift to myself and my business.  Kim’s kind, loving, support and, ongoing accountability helped guide me to make manifest my business into reality.  Working with Kim helped me realize that I was doing more for others than I was for myself in my own business. By hiring Kim, I said yes to support and ongoing accountability which I had never before allowed myself.  I look forward to our weekly meetings and have just hired on for another 12 week block of coaching.  Hiring Kim is one of the best decisions I could have made for putting my business into place.”

Mary Simpson, Energy Healer, Founder of Being Good Karma


Kim is very motivational and knows how to give that little push to get you closer to your goals. It’s like she gives you permission to succeed. I’d had a ridiculously busy week but made time anyway to complete the steps I’d committed to – I wanted to keep my word for our coaching session. I’m excited about the progress I’m making on my business goals!


– Natalie R.


I accomplished so much and it was very worthwhile to work with Kim in an individual coaching program.  She digs deep and helped me see below the surface to recognize some behaviors and habits that were silent but deadly for my business.  Kim helped me see where I was sabotaging my business growth and what I could do instead to create more clients.  I am now ready to take my business to the next level, thanks to Kim’s coaching.

– Katharine Pike, Lighter Body Solutions

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My background in sales & marketing, public relations, and advocacy, spans small business, start-up, non-profit and franchises. I've led teams and coached individual business owners to maximize their productivity and regain their enthusiasm for their work and their lives.


Hiring Kim Ellet, Growth Coach was a gift to myself and my business. Kim’s kind, loving, support and, ongoing accountability helped guide me to make manifest my business into reality -Mary Simpson, Energy Healer, Founder of Being Good Karma

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